Springwater 7th June Online service

Springwater 7th June Online service

Sadly in this service just after the start of the updates and in the middle of the video, the audio stops for about 15 seconds. This has occurred in the transfer from the computer to YouTube and we do not know why. The sound is OK on the computer but dies off when being transferred. We hope it is not too distracting for you.

In our online gathering we have a new song by Robert Brain and Amy Summerfield will be sharing with us. Amy has been at Springwater before but previously as Amy Walker. Since our last time together she has travelled a significant adventure and is now married to Matt, has relocated and changed jobs.

As we look at our world, many of our families, friends, neighborhoods and lives are being impacted by significant practical and spiritual challenges. In each situation there is a desperate need for the reality of Jesus and the counsel of the Holy Spirit to manifest wisdom into scenarios that are impacted by deceit, deception, violence, oppression and fear.

Many of us have connections with people in several of the countries currently being impacted. Hong Kong/China, The United States of America, India and South Africa, take time during this service to pray for the people of these nations, that God’s hand would be against any deceitful practices, for peace makers and for wise and just leadership.

Also take time to seek God’s heart for the UK nation, government, people, community and family that you are part of.

If you would like more information about anything mentioned in todays service or talk and would like to hear more about the love and reality of Jesus Christ you can contact Kevin & Linsey and Springwater by emailing contactspringwater@gmail.com.

You can also reach us through Facebook or Instagram. May the Holy Spirit guide and counsel us all, and help us all to be people who follow and share the way of Jesus, release God’s love and live with a heart for kingdom justice and integrity.