Compassionate Loaf

Compassionate Loaf

Compassionate Loaf provides support to local charities by running pop-ups and selling delicious homemade bread of many kinds, made with the finest locally sourced ingredients to raise money for charity.

Compassionate Loaf also provides bread making workshops for the local churches and the wider community in general.

Compassionate Loaf is part of COMPASSIONATE MONDAY

Every Monday morning Compassionate Loaf and Compassionate Creative hold a time available to all, that includes bread baking and art classes at Springwater church. Starting at 10.00 am these creative ministries of bread making and art are ways to bring people together in peace. The baking and art classes will be a time of learning, sharing life and connecting with people in a Christ-like manner.

All are welcome and for further details on Compassionate Monday or any other activity involving Compassionate Loaf, please contact the church office.