Gatherings on Matthew

Gatherings on Matthew

Advent & The Jesse Trees | 28th November 2022

On Sunday we started our journey through Advent and this season we are going to focus on the Jesse Trees. These are the male and female ancestry lines of Jesus. Our time included creativity, worship, prayer, stories and spending time together. In our gathering we gave some background, worked together creatively and explored where we give Hope Peace, Joy and Love this season. It was lovely to see our children taking part and giving their insights.

Comparing | 31st October 2021

This week in our community gathering we share thoughts and discuss Matthew 20 and the story Jesus told about the workers in the vineyard. There are many great insights shared, both by the children and by the adults present and maybe a different way of thinking that means we may not so ready to compare ourselves with others. Linsey and Enid again led a powerful time of musical worship and Rosemary facilitated prayers using poetry and words.

Trussst | 24th October 2021

In this film Robert leads a powerful time of musical worship aided by his son, Andrew, and Candice. Grace guides us in prayer and Linsey facilitates our ‘EXPLORE’ rhythm by looking at the temptations Jesus faced in Mathew 4:1-11. It was a very powerful time together.

Childlike | 3rd October 2021

In this gathering we listen as the Springwater community share insights on Matthew18. There are some great comments concerning our positioning, attitude and vulnerability about becoming Christlike.
Wisdom Of Youth

Wisdom Of Youth | 26th September 2021

This Sunday our time together will begin combining a focus on children, youth and adults that will become one part of our various monthly weekend gatherings. This time together was a lovely time of being in community and listening to the wisdom of God through our focus on children. As we move forward we will look to hear God from the insights of the young people in our community and less from the adults.
Good News

Good News | 12th September 2021

This week Mike hosts our combined worship, communion and prayers for a reflective time of focussing on Jesus who is our good news. We also hear a word from Robert and Linsey ties our time together.

Family | 5th September 2021

In our gathering Linsey facilitates our time plus she, Candice and Ruth create a prayer and worship space that is powerful. Have a listen, the community singing is amazing. In this gathering we also explore the first part of Jesus family tree and see the wired, wacky and wonderful family line that God deemed appropriate to be linked with Jesus.

It’s Life Jim, But Not As We Know It

In this week’s online service, Kevin shares about being a missional church community and Jane & Candice lead us as we worship together. Judy hosts our time together, Rosemary facilitates our community prayer, Lou gets us to focus on hope and Candice supports us in creating an invitation to join together and create something lovely. When you have watched the service, take time to reflect on what it means to be a missional community and what it means to live…


REMEMBRANCE & COMMUNION This week we mark Remembrance Sunday and have a time of communion remembering Jesus. NB – THIS SERVICE HAS BEEN CREATED TO BE STARTED AT 10.30am AS IT IS DESIGNED TO CORRELATE WITH THE TWO MINUTES SILENCE THAT OCCURS ACROSS THE UK AT 11.00AM If you watch the service before or after 10.30am please be aware of this. In this online service we are also connected in worship through South Africa, Henley-on-Thames and Sonning Common. We will…

Springwater Church Online SERVICE, 3rd MAy

This service includes an update from Clare at Compassionate Loaf, Robert Brain facilitating worship; Rosemary Girdler leading us in community prayer; Kevin Potter sharing relevant insights on Jesus teaching in the book of Matthew and Linsey facilitating a time of Holy Spirit reflection.
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