Gatherings by Grace Turner

Gatherings by Grace Turner

Joy | 12th December 2021

In this video the Springwater community share a reflective communion time and contemplate how the JOY of advent unfolds in the story told by the people on the Jesse Tree and reveals itself in Jesus.

Relationship | 19th September 2021

This Sunday we celebrated relationship: relationship with each other and with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. During this gathering we were privileged to celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of Dave & Grace Turner, a relationship that has lasted more then 50 years. They first met when they were both 16 years old. During our gathering we also shared a celebration meal.
His Touch

His Touch | Springwater | 30th May 2021

This week in our service Grace explores the Touch of God, sharing her thoughts from Luke 8:40-56. Judy hosts us, Stuart leads us in musical worship and Rosemary facilitates our community prayers and intercession.

Esther – Such a Time As This I 28th February 2021

In todays online service Grace explores a key aspect of the life of Esther and how prayer and destiny played a key part. Indy & Isla facilitates our worship, Ruth & Martyn lead our community prayers and Judy hosts our time together. Due to government regulations concerning COVID that are required to keep people safe and support the NHS our services will be online for the next several weeks.

Insights From The Springwater Church Community I Springwater 22nd Nov 2020

In this on-line service several individuals from the Church community will share insights and reflections on how God has impacted them over the last several weeks. There will also be worship including original songs and we will pray together. Due to the current COVID restrictions Springwater is not currently holding a weekend service in the building at Peppard Common/Sonning Common it is all on-line. Over the next several weeks of lockdown our church community will be meeting at various other…

GOD’S JOURNEY I 15th November

GOD’S JOURNEY In this online service we will worship and pray together and Grace will help us explore the journey that God takes Abram & Sarai on and share some of her personal story. The Colam family lead off our worship and Jane & her granddaughter and Robert will follow on and help us worship and reflect while Judy facilities our community prayers. Due to the current COVID restrictions the Springwater Church community are not meeting in the building at…

IT’S ABOUT THE HEART i 18th October 2020

In this week’s online resource, from the Springwater Church community, Mike hosts us, Kevin facilitates us into a place of worship with the help of Robert Brain’s music, Grace leads corporate prayer and Indy Nottage unpacks Nehemiah Ch 6 – 7. Clare also shared a great insight that God gave her this week that fitted so well with what Indy shared and that is very encouraging for us all. Our onsite service is a relaxed format where we can accommodate…

Springwater Church Communion Service 12th July 2020

This weeks online service is a Spirit led compendium of worship, communion, prayers and personal reflections on lockdown and worship. Many thanks to Mike, Jane, Chris, Rosemary, Grace and Robert for sharing their creativity and thoughts. At the moment Springwater Church is exploring opening the building for a weekend gathering as soon as possible with a date of the 19th July being considered. If you would like to receive any information on the life of the Springwater church community please…