Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

To support the vision and passion of the Church the community at Springwater is led by a team of Senior Leaders, with 2 senior ministers, church officers and several congregational teams.

The Senior Leadership team consists of:

  • Mike Parker
  • Clare Pelling
  • Chris Girdler
  • Judy McAllister
  • plus Kevin & Linsey Potter, the Church Senior Co-Ministers

The Church Officers are:

  • Tim Pelling – Secretary and Treasurer
  • Candice – Administration & financial assistant

The Congregational Teams that facilitate our life together are highlighted below and meet, pray, seek insight, resources and ways to support those involved in the work and activity of each area mentioned:

  • Springwater Gatherings
  • Church Health
  • Community Impact
  • Springwater Lands & Grounds
  • Administration

One of the hopes at Springwater is to enable everybody to be involved in an area that excites them, embraces their passion and enables the development of the Kingdom of God in those places we are connected.

Church Ministers
Kevin and Linsey Potter

Kevin & Linsey Potter

Kevin and Linsey are ordained pastors with Christian Growth International and have been involved in a myriad of integrated faith-based church and development work.