Gatherings on ADVENT

Gatherings on ADVENT

GOD WITH US I 20th December 2020

Welcome to this final Springwater Advent Service where we worship together, prayer, learn, listen and encourage each other.

Advent | Springwater Service | 13th December 2020

An Advent online resource for the Springwater Church community and all those who are connected with Springwater. In this gathering friends will be sharing reflections, prayers and facilitating us to worship. Our service is relaxed and we can accommodate approximately 30 people at the moment

ADVENT SERVICE DEC 6th I BETHLEHEM; A Safe Place I Springwater Kids

Welcome to this years second Springwater Advent Service where the young children take most of the service. Many thanks to Candice who coordinated with the children and her team and facilitated all the youth actions, input and majority of songs on this service. This a wonderful service and a great film to circulate amongst friends and family. We would also encourage you that if you enjoyed this service please make a point to encourage Candice and her team. Due to…