Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Gatherings

Joy | 12th December 2021

In this video the Springwater community share a reflective communion time and contemplate how the JOY of advent unfolds in the story told by the people on the Jesse Tree and reveals itself in Jesus.

PROMISES | 5th December 2021

In this video the Springwater community explore one of the promises that God gave to one of the ancestors of Jesus. During this advent season we are focusing on the family line of Jesus and both the male and female ancestry lines of Jesus. Our time includes creativity, where possible; worship & prayer, together and individually; and listening to stories and engaging together. spending time together.

Advent & The Jesse Trees | 28th November 2022

On Sunday we started our journey through Advent and this season we are going to focus on the Jesse Trees. These are the male and female ancestry lines of Jesus. Our time included creativity, worship, prayer, stories and spending time together. In our gathering we gave some background, worked together creatively and explored where we give Hope Peace, Joy and Love this season. It was lovely to see our children taking part and giving their insights.

Celebration, Commissioning & Converging | 21st November 2022

This gathering was a great time of coming together with Skylark International as Springwater joined the Skylark Network. It was great to hear for Pete and Nicki Simms who lead the network and enjoy powerful music, words and encouragement given by God. It was a lovely time of Jesus followers connecting together and celebrate our shared hope of living out Jesus and kingdom in all the areas we are working in.

Stories & Prayers I 7th November 2021

In this recent weekend gathering several in the community shared lovely stories of how God had impacted their lives, it was both challenging and encouraging. The church community also enjoyed a special time of musical worship and focussed on global prayer that included Tear Fund helping us pray for our world and the leaders as they met for COP 22. DUE TO COPYRIGHT THE LAST REFLECTIVE SONG HAD TO BE REMOVED FROM THIS VIDEO. MANY APOLOGIES. TO HEAR THE SONG…

Comparing | 31st October 2021

This week in our community gathering we share thoughts and discuss Matthew 20 and the story Jesus told about the workers in the vineyard. There are many great insights shared, both by the children and by the adults present and maybe a different way of thinking that means we may not so ready to compare ourselves with others. Linsey and Enid again led a powerful time of musical worship and Rosemary facilitated prayers using poetry and words.

Trussst | 24th October 2021

In this film Robert leads a powerful time of musical worship aided by his son, Andrew, and Candice. Grace guides us in prayer and Linsey facilitates our ‘EXPLORE’ rhythm by looking at the temptations Jesus faced in Mathew 4:1-11. It was a very powerful time together.

Harvest | 17th October 2021

Our harvest weekend was very fruitful. The Saturday night harvest meal was very special and the poems and songs, that were performed, spoke into God’s grace and love.  Many thanks to Sonning Common Primary School who kindly donated a huge amount of food items and there was a harvest of food items that will be given out through the Springwater Food Bank. Many thanks to all who donated time, ideas and food. Sunday was also a special time with the children, Candice led our worship and we had an original harvest song…

Childlike | 3rd October 2021

In this gathering we listen as the Springwater community share insights on Matthew18. There are some great comments concerning our positioning, attitude and vulnerability about becoming Christlike.