One of our values as a church community is about engaging in prayer and listening in prayer to the counsel of the Holy Spirit. The following are several areas were you can connect with the community and join into our prayer gatherings.

We also run prayer rhythms at various times in the year that are circulated digitally and many of us also connect with other local and global prayer networks that help us as we develop our individual and community prayer rhythm.

Wednesday is our designated prayer day.

On this day we send out a prayer email to the whole church so people can pray in unity wherever they may be during the day.

12hr Prayer

A regular intervals we hold 12 hr prayer vigils and encourage as many in the church who can to take part.

Upper Room Prayer

Every six weeks we hold an evening prayer gathering in the upper room focussed on praying into spiritual battles.

Email Prayer Rhythm

On a regular basis when the need requires it and before major events in the Christian calendar, we send out a daily prayer email for the whole church for about a week or two encouraging the church to intercede in prayer.