31st May Springwater Pentecost Service.

31st May Springwater Pentecost Service.

Our Pentecost Sunday service includes worship, prayers and insights from the first day in history when God poured out the Holy Spirit on men and women.

Today in our world there is a desperate need for the Holy Spirit to manifest wisdom onto the nations that are impacted by violence and fear at the moment.

Many of us have connections with several of these countries, Hong Kong/China, The United States of America, India and South Africa. Take time during this service to pray for the people of these nations and for wise, just leadership.

In our service there are times to reflect and rest in God, hear updates and connect together, knowing we are worshiping and listening to the Father’s heart in community over time and space.

If you would like more information about Springwater email contactspringwater@gmail.com.

May the Holy Spirit guide and counsel us and help us to be people who live with justice and integrity as we live the way of Jesus in our world today.