At Springwater our hope is that people connect with Jesus, with their hopes and dreams, with each other and with God.

Jesus said “Love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself.”

In practically working this out the Springwater community has developed various creative streams that help people engage with their own creativity but at the same time support others they are connected with or who also enjoy discussing and engaging in practical and/or creative initiatives.

At Springwater the church community has developed springs of life that have risen out of their own hopes and dreams and that help people find connection with each other and with God. These springs or expression of community are focused on three areas: supporting the community; resourcing the community & engaging the community and are shown below. All of these initiatives are church.
We believe that where two are three are gathered Jesus is there.

Supporting the community

Resourcing the community

Engaging the community

  • Contemplative Garden
  • Springwater community events
  • Music, poetry, art and creative expression – It’s Never Too Late
  • Gathering & meals

If there are any hopes and desires that you have on your heart or perhaps have been mulling over and that you have a burning desire to birth and engage with through the way of Jesus come and chat with us. We are always open to partner, network or help incubate actions that will support and enrich the local communities we are all part of.

To find out more either click the one you’re interested in or email:

Children and Youth

Our format is relaxed in style with a mixture of music, stories, prayers, readings, a message from one of our church members or by a guest speaker and time to rest in the presence of God. The children and young people are part of the worship time and have their own space during the second period of our gathering and use the creative resources available. Visitors are very welcome.


Currently our Sonning Common home group meets on Blounts Court Road. It is a place to relax, ask questions; share community, prayers and life with other people who are seeking to know more of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Some people are exploring faith while others are enjoying being part of a community of people where love, grace and acceptance are part of the lifeblood of the group. The home group normally meets on the third Wednesday of the month…


Read. Listen. Share. Pray. Tuesdays 9:45am-11:45am Aspire is a friendly and safe gathering of women who meet at the church. Read inspiring and thought provoking Christian books together. Listen to engaging podcasts and to one another. Share opinions, stories and life. Pray for one another, families, friends and wider concerns. If you would like more information on this group email or call the church on 01189 724519.

The Ark

The Ark is a warm, friendly and welcoming group for parents/carers with toddlers aged 1-3 (up to the term of their 3rd birthday). The session operates on Wednesday mornings between 10.00am and 12.00pm. During the sessions, we provide lots of fun activities to do. These include crafts, construction, role play and a book corner. We have a great music time followed by outside or inside play with relevant toys. If you would like more information, please contact the church office…

Compassionate Loaf

Compassionate Loaf provides support to local charities by running pop-ups and selling delicious homemade bread of many kinds, made with the finest locally sourced ingredients to raise money for charity. Compassionate Loaf also provides bread making workshops for the local churches and the wider community in general. Compassionate Loaf is part of COMPASSIONATE MONDAY Every Monday morning Compassionate Loaf and Compassionate Creative hold a time available to all, that includes bread baking and art classes at Springwater church. Starting at…

Compassionate Creative

Springwater Church partners with Compassionate Creative, a collective art experience run by the artist Robert Brain. This initiative is a shared community art experience that enables all people of different capacities to build relationships and nurture a sense of belonging and self-worth. Compassionate Creative is part of COMPASSIONATE MONDAY Every Monday morning at Springwater Compassionate Loaf and Compassionate Creative hold a time available to all, that includes bread baking and art classes at the church. Starting at 10.00am these creative…

The Steering Wheel Fellowship

The Steering Wheel Fellowship is a gathering of men who meet once a month for a pint and curry and share their lives, faith and discuss an interest in classic cars.

Biblical Garden

Due to the wonderful gifting of Magdalene Hu, Springwater Church is pleased to highlight that it is the beneficiary of a garden that is populated with various biblical plants that have an accompanying scripture verse which highlights their part in the Scriptural story. The garden is free to all those that wish to use the space for contemplation, reflection or to just see what these scriptural plants look like. As a church family we have been enriched by the way…