Gatherings on Acts

Gatherings on Acts

I Want It All

I WANT IT ALL! | 4th July 2021

I want it all! This week the Springwater Church community explore Acts 5 and community dynamics. Indy leads us in worship and Grace facilitates our community prayer.
Dig In

Dig In | 27th June 2021

This week Stu & Lou will facilitate our worship, Ruth & Martyn lead us in prayer and Linsey helps us contemplate what it may have been like for those living in the time of Acts.

Pentecost – You’ve never had a friend like me! i 23rd May

Springwater Pentecost service. Due to technical support issues we were not able to live stream on Sunday the 23rd May, but hope you will be able to engage with the service at some point now it has been uploaded to YouTube. The morning at Springwater on Sunday was a special time with the presence of the Spirit tangibly present in our midst. In the service Linsey leads us in music and scripture, Grace in community prayer and Kevin helps us…


Our Voice Matters – Amended version In this week’s online resource, from the Springwater Church community. Linsey facilitates us into a place of worship and Stephen Young shares thoughts on how our voice matters. Many apologies that there were technical issues for the first part of the service. This upload has amended the firs part of the service. Our onsite service is a relaxed format where we can accommodate a maximum of 28 people at the moment.

Springwater Online Communion Service 14th June

God has gone before the Springwater church community, both in helping us get ready for the lockdown and in relation to current events. In this video Kevin helps us recall some of the teaching that occurred nearly three years ago, in a series that spanned several weeks, called ‘God and the Poor’ that has a bearing on the events of the last few weeks. It should also be noted that none of the participants in todays service had previously talked…

31st May Springwater Pentecost Service.

Our Pentecost Sunday service includes worship, prayers and insights from the first day in history when God poured out the Holy Spirit on men and women. Today in our world there is a desperate need for the Holy Spirit to manifest wisdom onto the nations that are impacted by violence and fear at the moment. Many of us have connections with several of these countries, Hong Kong/China, The United States of America, India and South Africa. Take time during this…