Gatherings from June 2021

Gatherings from June 2021

Dig In

Dig In | 27th June 2021

This week Stu & Lou will facilitate our worship, Ruth & Martyn lead us in prayer and Linsey helps us contemplate what it may have been like for those living in the time of Acts.
Springwater In The Garden

Springwater in the Garden I 13th June 2021

This week we meet in the Biblical Garden for a gathering in the sunshine. In our time together Chris leads us in Communion, Grace facilitates our prayer time and Robert & his son Andrew help us sing together and worship God. Our gathering on the weekend is a very sacred space and many people are sensing the presence of the Holy spirit as we meet on the weekend. We would encourage people to come along and join us and bring…
What Next

What Next? | 6th June 2021

A live-stream of the Springwater church community Sunday service. Linsey, Robert, Ruth and Kevin facilitate a time of coming into the presence of God and helps us worship, pray, contemplate and focus on the way and person of Jesus.