Welcome to Springwater

We are a church community with a rich ancient heritage journeying on a new and creative adventure following Jesus.
We seek to connect with God, with each other and with the communities we are part of. We invite all those who wish to connect with God and be part of a spiritually searching community to come along,


Our little community connects with people at our location and in the surrounding villages through various creative actions during the week and the weekend, both in person and online. See the tabs above to learn more about what happens in our community during the week.

On the weekend, we gather on a Sunday at 10.30 am, and the first Sunday of every month is a gathering focussed on being intergenerational church.

The following weeks involve communion, discussion, exploring the teachings of Jesus and personal story telling. Listening to people share stories about how Jesus and the Holy Spirit has impacted their lives and learning from each other.

We sense that Springwater is, as the ancients used to say, ‘a thin place’. A place where earth meets heaven, that is rich with the Holy Spirit and where we can all connect with Jesus and each other. We invite you to engage with us, meet God and share community in these different, inclusive, safe and creative places.

Sunday 10.30am: Weekend Service/Gathering
Monday Morning Weekly: Compassionate Loaf
Tuesday Morning Weekly: Aspire
Tuesday evening Monthly: Home-group
Wednesday Weekly (All Day): Springwater Prayer Day
Wednesday Morning Weekly: THE ARK – Parents, Guardians and toddlers
Wednesday Evening Monthly: Home-group
Thursday Morning Weekly: Bible Study Discussion
Thursday Morning Weekly: REVIVE Cafe
Thursday Evening Monthly: Steering Wheel Fellowship
Saturday Morning Monthly: Work Groups

Tuesday To Friday: Springwater Foodbank


The Ark

Community Award

Find out more about the Community Action Award that Springwater received.



The Song Shack is a creative space where Robert Brain, in lockdown gives vent to creative possibilities. Follow the link and become a subscriber. This track is an acoustic version of this song from his album, ‘It’s Never Too Late’ – part blues, part folk and celebrating his Christian faith. He released this debut album at the tender age of 71.

Prophetic Reflection

THIS REFLECTION, BY LINSEY POTTER, WAS SHARED 16 DAYS AGO WITH LOCAL AND NATIONAL CHURCH LEADERS AND CONFIRMED BY MANY. Since the pandemic started there have been many prophetic words that have said that there is going to be a new move of the Spirit, possibly around Pentecost. A pentecostal wave of the Spirit that is going to change us. There have also been words that talk about it being very different, about God doing a new thing. I believe…


Love in Action
Supporting people in our local community who need love and support during these economic challenging times.


Online Giving, supported by Stewardship

Donate here with our secure online giving page to support the life & creative work at Springwater Church.

At Springwater, our community is engaged in various creative ways of living out faith. We use our facilities for a variety of different reasons and enable the local community around us to also make use our premises. As well as our community worship and prayer gatherings, Bible studies and support groups, we partner with a network of local individuals, churches and ministries. Our Church community are engaged in artisan bread making, a food bank, parents, guardians and toddlers gathering and we also also provided a safe place for other groups.

Springwater also enables individuals to use the space as they engage in various creative expressions of music, art, etc..

Due to the rising utility costs, we are running a WINTER CAMPAIGN from December to July 2024 and seeking to raise just over £7000, which will enable us to offset the utility costs and allow activities to carry on through the winter unencumbered.

All monies donated to Springwater on this Winter Campaign will be used to help offset the high utility costs, and other costs of running the church and enabling us to provide our space to the community at low or negligible cost.

Donate and help us create warm, safe places to support creative expressions of Jesus love.

Everyone in the Springwater Community thanks you for your gift.

NB -Our policy is to not restrict limited funds to specific uses, particularly when money is short. If you need to ensure your donation is used for a specific purpose other than the winter campaign then please contact the church office.

Location Details

Blounts Court Road Peppard Common Henley-on-Thames RG9 5EU