Gatherings on Nehemiah

Gatherings on Nehemiah

Remember, Remember I 1st November 2020

This week Kevin hosts our time together, Rosemary facilitates our prayers and Stuart leads us in a time of praise and worship. During this time Linsey Potter completes our look at the book of Nehemiah and challenges and encourages us to use the rhythm of remembering in a positive manner. Our onsite community gathering is a relaxed format were we connect with God and with each other and meets current COVID regulations. Our faith community also meets in various other…

IT’S ABOUT THE HEART i 18th October 2020

In this week’s online resource, from the Springwater Church community, Mike hosts us, Kevin facilitates us into a place of worship with the help of Robert Brain’s music, Grace leads corporate prayer and Indy Nottage unpacks Nehemiah Ch 6 – 7. Clare also shared a great insight that God gave her this week that fitted so well with what Indy shared and that is very encouraging for us all. Our onsite service is a relaxed format where we can accommodate…


Overcoming In this week’s online resource Linsey facilitates us into a place of worship, Chris leads us in Communion. Kevin Potter explores the way Nehemiah, and the people rebuilding Jerusalem, overcame adversity and walked in the purpose of God. Our onsite service is a relaxed format, and meets COVID regulations, we can accommodate a maximum of 28 people and several young people.