Gatherings from August 2021

Gatherings from August 2021

Prayer & Life

Prayer & Life | 29th August 2021

In our gathering Mike hosts us, Ros shares a moving insight of God at work, and Grace leads us in prayer and worship. This week we also have Hanni Griffith sharing how God walked with her through a challenging life. She has written about this journey in her book “I dared to open my suitcase”

Stories | 22nd August 2021

In this weekend gathering we enjoy original music from Robert Brain, delve into creative prayer and hear the stories God has written in people’s lives. All the while seeking the Holy Spirit to help us to listen, learn and have our minds transformed to see God at work in our world and enable us to trust in the living reality of the way of Jesus.

Words | 15th August 2021

In this weeks service we adjust slightly due to a change in participants. However, there is some great worship and we explore the way we discern the words that God gives to us. We will also be using a couple of examples from two recent words that were given to Kevin & Linsey for Springwater.
Light In The Darkness

Light In The Darkness | 1st August 2021

In this weeks service Candice leads us in worship wth some wonderful signing. Rosemary facilitates our prayer and Kevin enables a discussion on John 1:1-5 looking at how the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.