Springwater Online Communion Service 14th June

Springwater Online Communion Service 14th June

God has gone before the Springwater church community, both in helping us get ready for the lockdown and in relation to current events.

In this video Kevin helps us recall some of the teaching that occurred nearly three years ago, in a series that spanned several weeks, called ‘God and the Poor’ that has a bearing on the events of the last few weeks.

It should also be noted that none of the participants in todays service had previously talked with each other, yet what they bring dovetails and has been interwoven by the Holy Spirit. PRAISE GOD!

In this service we listen, worship, listen, share communion together, worship and seek God’s heart so we can be renewed to live out Christ in our world.

Please contact Springwater Church if you would like to talk further or would like to know more about the grace, freedom and eternal hope there is in Jesus Christ.

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