Gatherings by Linsey Potter

Gatherings by Linsey Potter


Trussst | 24th October 2021

In this film Robert leads a powerful time of musical worship aided by his son, Andrew, and Candice. Grace guides us in prayer and Linsey facilitates our ‘EXPLORE’ rhythm by looking at the temptations Jesus faced in Mathew 4:1-11. It was a very powerful time together.

Harvest | 17th October 2021

Our harvest weekend was very fruitful. The Saturday night harvest meal was very special and the poems and songs, that were performed, spoke into God’s grace and love.  Many thanks to Sonning Common Primary School who kindly donated a huge amount of food items and there was a harvest of food items that will be given out through the Springwater Food Bank. Many thanks to all who donated time, ideas and food. Sunday was also a special time with the children, Candice led our worship and we had an original harvest song…
Good News

Good News | 12th September 2021

This week Mike hosts our combined worship, communion and prayers for a reflective time of focussing on Jesus who is our good news. We also hear a word from Robert and Linsey ties our time together.

Stories | 22nd August 2021

In this weekend gathering we enjoy original music from Robert Brain, delve into creative prayer and hear the stories God has written in people’s lives. All the while seeking the Holy Spirit to help us to listen, learn and have our minds transformed to see God at work in our world and enable us to trust in the living reality of the way of Jesus.

Words | 15th August 2021

In this weeks service we adjust slightly due to a change in participants. However, there is some great worship and we explore the way we discern the words that God gives to us. We will also be using a couple of examples from two recent words that were given to Kevin & Linsey for Springwater.
I Want It All

I WANT IT ALL! | 4th July 2021

I want it all! This week the Springwater Church community explore Acts 5 and community dynamics. Indy leads us in worship and Grace facilitates our community prayer.
Dig In

Dig In | 27th June 2021

This week Stu & Lou will facilitate our worship, Ruth & Martyn lead us in prayer and Linsey helps us contemplate what it may have been like for those living in the time of Acts.
What Next

What Next? | 6th June 2021

A live-stream of the Springwater church community Sunday service. Linsey, Robert, Ruth and Kevin facilitate a time of coming into the presence of God and helps us worship, pray, contemplate and focus on the way and person of Jesus.

Time For A Makeover? | Springwater | 2nd May 2021

As we gather this Sunday let’s look to the Lord so we may commit our life to God and that we may encourage each other and be challenged as we contemplate our walk with God and our openness to having our minds transformed by the love of Jesus. This live-stream is a resource for those who are either not able to be physically present in the building, at the moment, or who have enjoyed linking into our times together and…

Palm Sunday – TRIUMPH or PROTEST I 28th March 2021

In today’s PALM SUNDAY online service Linsey helps us contemplate the journey of Jesus into Jerusalem. Several people facilitate our worship, prayers and a time of reflection as we come to the end of Lent and begin Easter week. May each of us be counseled and renewed as we spend time engaging with the service today, On April 4th, Easter Sunday, Springwater Church will be holding a service in the building and, weather permitting, will be singing communally outside in…

Do We ‘DIS’ Discipleship? I 21st February 2021

In todays online service there are several reflections from the community and Robert Brain leads us in worship with original music and creative interpretation of know songs. Mike hosts, Grace leads our community prayer and Linsey shares on the Springwater value of discipleship Due to government regulations concerning COVID that are required to keep people safe and support the NHS our services will be online for the next few weeks.

Springwater 17th Jan 2021 I Jesus Story – Crazy, Rich, Alone

In this week’s online resource, from the Springwater Church community we hear reflections/thoughts from Dave & a couple of others in our community. Robert & Jane facilitates our worship whilst Judy leads our corporate prayers and Linsey explores our value of telling the story of Jesus in ‘Crazy, Rich and Alone’. Take some time to listen, remember and contemplate ways that we can share the story of Jesus both from the Gospel and from the way Jesus has impacted our…