Compassionate Creative

Compassionate Creative

Springwater Church partners with Compassionate Creative, a collective art experience run by the artist Robert Brain.

This initiative is a shared community art experience that enables all people of different capacities to build relationships and nurture a sense of belonging and self-worth.

Compassionate Creative is part of COMPASSIONATE MONDAY

Every Monday morning at Springwater Compassionate Loaf and Compassionate Creative hold a time available to all, that includes bread baking and art classes at the church. Starting at 10.00am these creative ministries of bread making and art are ways to bring people together in peace. The baking and art classes will be a time of learning, sharing life and connecting with people in a Christ-like manner.

All are welcome. For further details contact the church office

The vision for The Compassionate Creative ministry started for Robert Brain at New Wine in the summer of 2014. Upon his return he started an evening class in Henley-on-Thames entitled Compassionate Creative. It was during these classes that he found an effective method which people painted together on long rolls of paper. The results were startling and Robert realised the potential of this shared experience.

This has developed into painting as community events where everyone can take part using the methods and techniques that have been developed.
This group experience builds relationships and nurtures a sense of belonging. It also creates an atmosphere of giving to and encouraging one another. Depending on the workshop many pieces of art are produced that are stunning and would have at least ten signatures at the bottom if that was needed. This collective experience results in a non -narrative expressionistic abstract outcome where someone viewing the art also partakes as they put their perception to it.

Robert’s role as an artist enables him and the other team members are to assist this process and enable those taking part to fully engage.

I am grateful to SpringWater who have supported this ministry which also has people from different denominations supporting us and taking part. We are always working on new ideas, concepts, visions and materials and love to find new ways to work in the Art Space at SpringWater.

Robert Brain

If you would like to contact Robert Brain please do so at or to go through his Facebook page please click here.

Robert would be happy to discuss projects big or small where you feel there is a need to build community and in doing so create something beautiful.