ADVENT 2020 I Mary – A Journey EMBRACED

ADVENT 2020 I Mary – A Journey EMBRACED

Welcome to this years first Springwater Advent Service where, amongst other voices, Linsey helps us explore the life of Mary.

In this on-line service we have inputs from various people, especially Charys who sings a powerful rendition of Mary’s song for us.

Apologies for the sound quality from Kevin’s mike.

Due to the current COVID restrictions Springwater is not holding a service in the building this weekend, but we will be back in the building at Peppard Common/Sonning Common on the 6th December.

Next week our church community will be meeting at various other times during the week, on-line, and in person, where applicable, and people are welcome to log-in or attend as is appropriate for the situation. For more details on these other locations please contact the church office.