Gatherings on Worship

Gatherings on Worship

How Do You Worship God? I 21st March 2021

In todays online service Indy & Hev share thoughts on the Springwater value of Creative Worship. They explore ways in which we all can participate in creative worship either within community or individually in our daily lives. Mike hosts our time, Jane facilitates our worship, Grace leads our community prayers and we hear a reflection for lent. Due to government regulations concerning COVID, that are required to keep people safe and support the NHS, our services will be online. We…

Reflection and Celebration | Springwater Service | 3rd January 2021

An online resource for the Springwater Church community and all those who are connected with Springwater. In this gathering friends will be sharing reflections, prayers and facilitating us to worship. Our service is relaxed and we can accommodate approximately 30 people at the moment. Thumbnail image by on Pexels –

Springwater Church Communion Service 12th July 2020

This weeks online service is a Spirit led compendium of worship, communion, prayers and personal reflections on lockdown and worship. Many thanks to Mike, Jane, Chris, Rosemary, Grace and Robert for sharing their creativity and thoughts. At the moment Springwater Church is exploring opening the building for a weekend gathering as soon as possible with a date of the 19th July being considered. If you would like to receive any information on the life of the Springwater church community please…