"worship" Tagged Gatherings

"worship" Tagged Gatherings

Reflections & Communion 13th September 2020

Reflections & Communion In this week’s online resource, from the Springwater Church community, Robert facilitates worship and Clare and Judy share some great prophetic insights. Our onsite service is a relaxed format where we can accommodate a maximum of 30 people at the moment. Thumbnail image by Pixabay on Pexels – https://www.pexels.com/@pixabay

Moving into purpose – 6th September 2020

Moving into purpose by Linsey Potter. An online resource for the Springwater Church community and all those who are connected with Springwater. In this service Mike hosts Stuart leading the gathering in reflective worship around songs in Revelation, Rosemary facilitating us in prayer and Linsey sharing insight, given by God, that help us move into our God given purpose. Our service is relaxed and we can accommodate approximately 30 people at the moment. Thumbnail image by Pixabay on Pexels –…

Springwater Church Communion Service 12th July 2020

This weeks online service is a Spirit led compendium of worship, communion, prayers and personal reflections on lockdown and worship. Many thanks to Mike, Jane, Chris, Rosemary, Grace and Robert for sharing their creativity and thoughts. At the moment Springwater Church is exploring opening the building for a weekend gathering as soon as possible with a date of the 19th July being considered. If you would like to receive any information on the life of the Springwater church community please…