"Mike Parker" Tagged Gatherings

"Mike Parker" Tagged Gatherings

Do We ‘DIS’ Discipleship? I 21st February 2021

In todays online service there are several reflections from the community and Robert Brain leads us in worship with original music and creative interpretation of know songs. Mike hosts, Grace leads our community prayer and Linsey shares on the Springwater value of discipleship Due to government regulations concerning COVID that are required to keep people safe and support the NHS our services will be online for the next few weeks.

GOD’S JOURNEY I 15th November

GOD’S JOURNEY In this online service we will worship and pray together and Grace will help us explore the journey that God takes Abram & Sarai on and share some of her personal story. The Colam family lead off our worship and Jane & her granddaughter and Robert will follow on and help us worship and reflect while Judy facilities our community prayers. Due to the current COVID restrictions the Springwater Church community are not meeting in the building at…

IT’S ABOUT THE HEART i 18th October 2020

In this week’s online resource, from the Springwater Church community, Mike hosts us, Kevin facilitates us into a place of worship with the help of Robert Brain’s music, Grace leads corporate prayer and Indy Nottage unpacks Nehemiah Ch 6 – 7. Clare also shared a great insight that God gave her this week that fitted so well with what Indy shared and that is very encouraging for us all. Our onsite service is a relaxed format where we can accommodate…

From Safety to Chaos I 4th October 2020

In this week’s online resource, from the Springwater Church community, Stuart facilitates worship and Linsey leads us in exploring how Nehemiah engaged with his heart, used his voice and how it impacted his purpose.  Our onsite service is a relaxed format where, under the current COVID restrictions, we can accommodate a maximum of 28 people and several young people. 

Moving into purpose – 6th September 2020

Moving into purpose by Linsey Potter. An online resource for the Springwater Church community and all those who are connected with Springwater. In this service Mike hosts Stuart leading the gathering in reflective worship around songs in Revelation, Rosemary facilitating us in prayer and Linsey sharing insight, given by God, that help us move into our God given purpose. Our service is relaxed and we can accommodate approximately 30 people at the moment. Thumbnail image by Pixabay on Pexels –…