Talks, Music and Podcasts

Talks, Music and Podcasts

Springwater Online 5th April

An online resources for the Springwater community to help us unite together and spend time with God. Let’s connect, pray, worship and listen to God together during this time of isolation.

Robert Brain’s new song

Faith Surpassing Knowledge. Listen to the raw new song created a few days ago by Robert Brain and shared freely. LYRICS. Something greater than all my needs Something smaller than a mustard seed Is faith revealed so I can carry on Revealed in breath inside a song. Faith surpassing knowledge The goodness in my soul It makes the mountains move faith revels the gift of love. Something given so freely, the measure of perfection Righteousness is never lost beyond the…

Springwater Online

A raw video to help us connect, pray, worship and listen to God during a time of isolation from Kevin & Linsey.
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