Springwater Food bank

Springwater Food bank

At the beginning of this lockdown period the several in Springwater community voiced an idea of starting a food bank to support people in the area who may need some additional assistance.

Currently the food bank supports over 51 households and has over 35 volunteers from across the local community, various voluntary groups, charities and churches. It supports families with basic food and other practical resources.

In the Peppard Common and Sonning Common areas various local volunteers and organisations have been working together to support the challenges that occur within families during the Corona Virus lockdown.

Springwater has partnered with The SOCO Network, Sonning Common Parish Council, Peppard Common Parish Council. the local churches and various individuals in gathering supplies that can be distributed as needed.

If you would like to know more please contact the Springwater Church office either through the contact page on this web site, by telephone 0118 9724519 or email foodbank@springwaterchurch.org.uk.