Album Release Party

Album Release Party

Robert Brain & Shine

It’s never too late

Recently Robert Brain, who is one of the community at Springwater, and his band released an album called “Its Never Too Late”. You can read and hear more by following the links at the bottom of the page.

The following, however, is some of his reflections on the night.

The time spent preparing for and engaging in the album “Its Never Too Late” and it’s subsequent launch was a steep learning curve for me and the following points highlight some of the practical and spiritual lessons that impacted me as I journeyed this adventure.


  • When we step out into our dreams God is with us even when we can’t seem to see it.
  • It’s ok to dream big.
  • When we step outside of the church building we will be surprised by how the Holy Spirit is prevalent and engaged in the lives of those we may think are not connected to Jesus.
  • The Lord’s favour rests on mission and God wants us to go to his world where we, not the devil, have dominion. In this journey we learn that dominion only comes to us when we learn the hard lesson of grace and vulnerability and accept we really need to keep learning. 
  • When we explore and find our voice and follow the purpose for our lives and trust God our world view changes and we want honour it all.
  • When we find our voice it’s his call to share it out in the way God leads.
  • We need to be persistent even when all indicators particularly our feelings shout something else.
  • We need to be in touch and be brought back to our first love constantly. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I hope these words resonate with someone.

May you be hungry for God and share that hunger with others for in 2 Samuel 12 v 9 Nathan says to David:

And if all this had been too little , I would have given you even more

2 Samuel 12:9

As my lively friend Chris continually says to me, “more Lord!”.

It may be my face on the cover of the album, but the songs are all inspired by Jesus. The melodies and chords are too.

As I reflect, I am getting to hear how God used the album release party in some amazing ways and how He is impacting people’s lives. From people going along in their cars singing these words of truth; to daughters playing the songs to their dying fathers; to people in Henley-on-Thames saying how much they enjoyed the evening launch party and what an amazing atmosphere there was.

Launch is the right word, let’s see where it all leads but whatever happens all glory and honour will go him. God of all creation, Father, Son & Holy Spirit

Thank you for reading these reflections and may the Lord bless you.

Robert x