Poems by Rosemary Girdler

Poems by Rosemary Girdler


You gave me a little bottle

With a glass stopper

Of pure refined liquid gold

This is your life’s energy

I hear you say

It is very very precious.

It is all you have

And it is all you will ever need

Be careful how you use it my beloved child


It is not the humanity of it

Or even the animal of it

It is the pure simplicity of it

Red kites synchronizing 

Soaring with thermals

No need to ask permission

Just knowing how and when

to catch the uplift

twitch the tail

and change momentum and direction

High in the clear blue.

The plaintive whistle calling from the skies

says watch me watch me

They curl and weave in freedom

saying to you and me

Shake away all those restraints

that bend you out of shape

Allow yourself to join us.

Be free

The question is perhaps 

in the answer

There is no need to walk the rugged path

Choose the hardest road

or even climb the highest mountain

Just give yourself permission 

to soar and let the uplift of this

precious life

carry you forward

You do not need to struggle

for each day’s sacred morsel

Allow your childlike yearning

To touch the beauty of each nature morning

And recognize the preciousness 

of every earthly day.


Here was a space

and here was love.

Warm as the heart of the kitchen

with cooking smells that comfort,

and my grandmothers hands                                   

gnarled and dusted white with flour,

producing volumes of

potato bread, scones and wee buns.

Butter soft and waiting on the side

Here was a space

and here was love.

The wood fire crackling spitting alive.

My grandfather sitting reading 

and casement windows,

closed against the cold damp 

of an early Irish morning.

Dickens the complete works

behind glass in the tall bookcase and

on the table linen napkins ready in their rings