Kevin & Linsey Potter

Kevin & Linsey Potter

Kevin & Linsey are part of a family with an international flavour.

They are ordained pastors with Skylark International and have been involved in a myriad of integrated faith-based church and development work.

In the early part of 2016, after working 26 years in India, UK, Mexico and the USA, their journey has taken them from the city of Angels on the West Coast of America (where Kevin was the Faith Coordinator and then Interim Director for Oasis USA, and Linsey undertook two masters courses at Fuller Theological Seminary), to Peppard Common.

Up to March 2018, Kevin & Linsey faciliated Springwater Church to develop and strengthen its structure and community life. Since the March of 2018 the church invited them to become Senior Ministers/Co-Pastors at Springwater Church.

They are also involved in a wide range of others initiatives and organisations both within and outside the UK. Their work Springwater, involves mentoring others, board development and kingdom issues connected with development and justice.

If you would like to chat with them and learn more, please email the church at