Past Events

Past Events


Easter Egg Hunt

Weather permitting this will be outside after our Sunday service.

Family Carol Service

Join us for our family carol service where cinnamon buns will be served.

Celebration Service

On the 21st November we will be holding a celebration service marking Springwater connecting and becoming part of the Skylark Network.

Monday Prayer

At 1.00pm on Monday afternoon the church meets online to pray for the church community. Contact the church office for the relevant zoom link.

Intercessory Prayer

On the last Wednesday of every month we meet at 7.30pm online and engage in a short reflective time and then in intercessor prayer for the church community and out local area, our nation and the world Contact the church for the relevant zoom details.

Wednesday REFLECTIVE Prayer

One of the key values of Sringwater Church is PRAYER, INTERCESSION & LISTENING. We seek to be a house of prayer for all, acknowledge the reality of spiritual warfare and affirm the power of God. We believe that human beings are designed to walk and talk with God and we seek to grow in all aspects of prayer, both individually and collectively. We also desire to hear from God and create reflective places where everyone is open to hear and be restored…

World Day of Prayer

Join us for the World Day of Prayer online on the 5th March 2021. This year the prayer service has been developed by the Church in VANUATU. Due to the current COVID restriction THE WORLD DAY OF PRAYER will be online and the network of churches in the South Oxfordshire area of Sonning Common, Peppard Common and Stoke Row have created a video service that everyone can join into and pray. Details of the link to the service with be…