Sermons by Judy Mcallister

Sermons by Judy Mcallister

Get Used To Different I 31st Jan 2021

In this week’s online service, from Springwater Church, we hear a couple of reflections, Indy leads us in worship and Judy encourages to get used to different when following the way of Jesus. Take some time to ask God and listen to the Holy Spirit concerning ways that the Lord would ask you to live differently this coming week. Due to the new level of government regulations concerning COVID that are required to keep people safe and support the NHS…

Insights From The Springwater Church Community I Springwater 22nd Nov 2020

In this on-line service several individuals from the Church community will share insights and reflections on how God has impacted them over the last several weeks. There will also be worship including original songs and we will pray together. Due to the current COVID restrictions Springwater is not currently holding a weekend service in the building at Peppard Common/Sonning Common it is all on-line. Over the next several weeks of lockdown our church community will be meeting at various other…

Reflections & Communion 13th September 2020

Reflections & Communion In this week’s online resource, from the Springwater Church community, Robert facilitates worship and Clare and Judy share some great prophetic insights. Our onsite service is a relaxed format where we can accommodate a maximum of 30 people at the moment. Thumbnail image by Pixabay on Pexels –

Springwater Community Online Church Service 5th July 2020

An online resource for the Springwater Church community and all those who are connected with Springwater. Many thanks to Mark & Jayne for their greeting, Linsey for the worship and to Judy for sharing several insights God has given to her during the lockdown. At the moment Springwater Church is exploring opening the building as soon as possible. However, the church, i.e. the people, have never been shut down and there are various connections and support networks that are live…