Come follow Me and pick up the cross – Translated from German by Magdalene Hu

Come follow Me and pick up the cross – Translated from German by Magdalene Hu

In her reading Magdalene Hu was impacted by these words from M. Basilea Schlink and wanted to share them with us. Magdalene kindly translated them from German

Come Follow Me and Pick Up Your Cross

The one who belongs to Jesus cannot go any other way than the one He went, love has to go the way of the cross with Jesus.

The one who loves Jesus loves His cross, as it is a part of Him.

Your cross, which now weighs down, will then transform and carry you into heaven. Should it therefore not be highly praised?

If you don’t want to be a nominal participant, who will be left outside, then carry your cross -the way  the cross bearers do, up to the Throne.

The one who knows is a sinner, will say yes to the load God gives him. Because he knows that sinners are in need of discipline and correction, in order to be transformed into the image of God.

Carry your cross, not being forced like a slave, instead as a lover of Jesus – and then it starts to shine. 

When the cross weighs heavy, to the same measure will be the blessing, which is hidden in it.

 If you own nothing else in your life except to carry the cross, guard it like a precious treasure; for the cross hides what a human heart solely desirers: detachment from all powers of sin, followed by peace and eternal bliss.

The lower you bend under your God given load, the stronger and more brilliantly the glory of your cross will burst forth – already here and then in eternity.    

By M. Basilea Schlink (translated from German by Magdalene Hu)

Lyrics by M. Basilea Schlink on the same theme. (translated from German by Magdalene Hu)  

1. I kiss your cross, you have given it to me, solely out of love, that  into eternity it brings much fruit –  the harvest of tears sprouting to life.  

2. I kiss your cross, you yourself have carried it, and once in heaven you will ask whether I carried it well – by following you lovingly.

3. I kiss the cross, I know about its blessing. Much gold, you yourself implanted in each cross – as a love gift from you. 

4.  Therefore lovingly I will embrace your cross, my dearest Lord, you hung on it to free us from all dread of it. 

5.  So I will start the song of the blessings of the cross, my Lord Christ, you who on the way of the cross creates splendor for all eternity.